How Much do Phlebotomist Make

Phlebotomist Technician’s Salary for Various Labs

The salary of a phlebotomist is decided based on the location, certification and the factors of employment. On average the amount that is paid to a phlebotomy technician is less than what is been given to the other kinds of medicinal lab technicians.

Basic Job Overview

Phlebotomy technicians are also regarded as phlebotomists. They are conscientious for depicting blood samples in infirmaries and medical labs. The employee would be accountable for conveying and accumulating the blood tasters. They are also expected to maintain medical reports. As stated by the clinical pathological society of America, the average annual income of the technicians was $28,080 in the year of 2010.

Salary Based on Employer

The rates at which the employees will be paid vary among the phlebotomy technicians. The environment in which the technical workers function can furthermore judge the revenue. For example the amount that is earned by a phlebotomy technician in a reference laboratory at a norm hourly remuneration would be $16.74. While the ones performing at a clandestine doctor’s place of work or a communal treatment centre could be $13.50 at an hourly venture.

Salary Based on Location

The American society for clinical pathology quotes that there are regions in States where the pay given to the phlebotomy technicians are elevated above the other provinces. Statistics demonstrate that California gives away the premier average pay. The amount hits a soaring pinnacle of $23.36. Whereas the country of Ohio just bestows away $12.10. The erstwhile constituency of the country that reimburse far above the ground earnings incorporate Illinois and Colorado.

Salary Based on Certifications

The salaries agreed for the phlebotomist also depend on the certificate credential intensity accomplished by the technicians. A phlebotomy tech can go round to be a prospective earner of lofty reimburse if they happen to be certified by passing an assessment that could make obvious their technical acquaintance. The regular hourly income of a technician who is well certified is $14.06, as contrasting to a non-certified solitary who makes $12.66 per hour.

Salary Based on the Employer Type

Employees who are prepared to toil at diverse shifts, night-time and weekends resolve to be presented with privileged tariffs. The off-hour tolls are in the main not obtainable for technicians who labour for a general practitioner as their workplace will bung up all through the night hours.

Salary Based on the Employer Experience

Just analogous to all the other profession opportunities and employment situation, the amount of recompense for a phlebotomy technologist varies with the total of knowledge and skill. A technician who cleaves to less than one year of familiarity earns from $18,800 to $31,500 per annum. The employees will convey in twofold the amount of earnings when the altitude of experience goes beyond ten years.


Phlebotomists work in a number of settings including clinics to well versed laboratories. The income made by the employees is ranged across work hours of 40 per week to 2080 per year. The phlebotomist tech salaries vary according to the location and setting. The phlebotomy technician’s job does draw closer under a preeminent paying diligence in medical diagnostics.

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